I Am Destruction - Consequent Forfeiture

I feel this anguish. The coming suffering. Creeping inside my flesh like worms feasting making their way through my veins. I made myself the offering. Taking on the wrath of God to stop the slaying of innocence.
Cancerous boils covers this shell ripening pustules set my skin aflame.
My flesh suffers and so does my mind! The pain so astounding I lose control of my muscles they begin seizing heightening my misery.
Insides begin churning a feeling I can't explain. A rush of liquid to my mouth, I begin vomiting.
Velvet liquid containing mass. Insides. Liquified.
The sores that cover begin to expand. The outer skin rupturing causing the liquor puris to expose.
Now covered in my own bodily fluids. I reach the apogee of this stimulation.
Rushing through every orifice, I leak more of my essence. In the presence of my son, he looks in horror, as I expire. Son, go forth and become..

Before I can finish, my breath has run out. My gaze never leaves him, my life now in the hands of eternity

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