I Am Destruction - Propagated by Abonormality

I walk this world as a man in physical form, brought to life through violence and pain, through means of existence my body was failing. Though it's not my flesh it's my mind, and I'm going insane.
I've walked this earth all alone. Defied the sovereign one through my actions, now this is my curse.
They've returned, the urges, to kill.
In my purest form, an angel of darkness. Birthed from the depths of hell.
Longing, yearning, fiending for death.
Not my own, but all others around me.
Misted by the blood of my victims, I get lost in euphoria. My eyes dilate.
Standing in remains, sinew and viscera, I'm captured in this moment, as if I've been here before.
A great confusion encapsulates me. Caressing me with its lustful void. Have I been here before? Is this something I've done? Looking through my mind's cavern I find nothing, just pain.
In my stupor I react as one would. Fits of rage and acts of aggression, but it's not really what I want (no). Only desire is the answer to, I. Never to be found.
As time passes on my memory errodes to a mush. Time passes and I feel left behind.
I lie in bed and bask at my current state. Is this what I am to become? I've traversed the depths of hell to come back as a man. In a moment of clarity, I remember why I returned. My son.

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