I Am Destruction - Divine Infestation

Madness. Upon hearing the sounds of the heavens, open up, and embrace me. Their promise of action against its nemesis. We will consume the flesh and bone until nothing remains. Not body. Not memory. His future is blasphemy and must be snuffed out like a flame, for he himself is the scourge of the Earth
Mental anguish befalls me.
It begins. I'm losing my mind, encased in a room with no light. I know I exist outside, but I have no sight that leads me to continue having those thoughts.
I am controlled by another. I can feel his essence. Pushing its way through my muscles and causes the unthinkable. Hands grasps so tightly skin is forced through my fingers. His neck. His life. My son. Entwined. I scream mindlessly, but nothing comes out. I'm forced. It's done. I can't stop.
Watch your son die in your own grasp. His soul crushed like his trachea. Extinguished. This adversary of God has been squelched, no one will know his name. Filicide carried out in His name. It is finished. Amen. Selah. Michael
Through my tears I can still feel his heart beating, ringing in my ears like a thousand drums. His will to live is stronger than the heaven's might. Please take my life and give him his. Take this body as your own. As I speak. So, may it be.

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