I Am Destruction - Ruinous Phantasm

Grasping. I clutch my child close. I feel his warmth meet mine. Gasping, in awe of creation. Witnessing the the natural science. Mother, she rests for now she has done enough. Overwhelmed by the love. Consumed by paternal instinct. Suddenly, I see visions. Open eye hallucinations. Beast, man, and destruction.
Plague cascading down on this earth to consume, to devour all. A single figure standing in the midst conducting and controlling this misery
The stench of death comes from his fingertips, and his breath is that of sulfur. His empty eyes remind me of my own.
It's with dread I realize the foreshadowing. The foretelling of my son's destiny. Brought to life for death. To bring about 1000 years of disease.
At first it was dread! Now I've come to accept my spawn as an extension of myself, a harbinger of the apocalypse,

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