Billy Gilman - I Wanna Get To Ya

I've got a secret I can't keep
I've got my eyes on something sweet
It feels like my heart's pounding through my chest
Cause you've got a smile I can't resist
I get tongue tried, everytime you and I are close like this
Girl, here's my wish

CHORUS:I wanna get to ya
I wanna be the one that moves ya
I wanna give my heart to ya
I want you so much
Girl I know just what I've been missing
I wanna be the one you're kissing'
So open up your arms and listen
I wanna get to ya

I'm the kind of guy who understands
A simple little thing like holding hands
Or x's and o's on a love note sent to you
I'll make you a promise that I'll keep
I'm telling you, right here, right now
I'll get down on my knees
I'll do anything
(Repeat CHORUS)

The way I feel
I know this love is real
Baby, I'm head over heels for you
(Repeat CHORUS twice)

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