P. cruz - Contradictory start to end

Do I deserve your love
You Say I do
I'm not so sure
But I'll live life for you
Do I deserve your love
You say I do
I'll make the best of it
And try to love myself too
Do I deserve

Welcome to the Start of the end
I'm glad that you can make it my friend

Contradictory emotion
I want to die, but I'm open
too keep my soul as broken
pieces together I'll hold em
in fractures for as long as I can
as long as you're the other hand
gripping the bits and sewing the rips
cause the will of my hands to finger tips
is half way to giving in
to an after-death, my vapid breast
is hollow, barely worth a sip
of any air, for a plant to share
is too kind for a leaf to spare
but you give me all the breath I need
With your love, your lips are saving me

Let's go

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