Xavier omär - More than less

Ooh, ooh
Ooh whoa, ooh whoa

Take a little time and you'll see that I don't
Lately in my mind, I'm repeatin' my own
Safety is a sign that I see in my hope
Hazy when I drive so catchin' a Lyft
Know what I believe but don't believe it the same
Tweak my Christianity and Jesus' name
Call me hypocritical, I'm needin' a change
Call me hypocritical, my livin' is shit

Textin' back a shorty that don't carry my name
Wiser man would probably put his head in a flame
Wiser man would probably say do not entertain
Wiser man ain't make it yet he's catching a Lyft
Thinkin' of myself in every way that you don't
Castin' out myself like every day but you won't
Love, truth, and correction, but I'm carryin' shame
Love, truth, and correction

All I'm sayin' is
I confess, I'm a mess
No you don't deserve the stress
And I guess that it's best
Your heart beats me out your chest
I confess, I'm a mess
I'm too close to the fence
Not giving more than less, less

Not giving more than less
I'm breakin' your heart
But askin' who you bless?
My soul, my soul

It's 11:58 PM, in Dallas, Texas
On December 9th 2017
And, I miss my baby

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