Joyner lucas - Tattle tales (skit)

Excuse me, Ms Nelson? Joyner said something mean to Cory
He did? Well, that wasn't very nice of him, was it?
Yes, Ms Nelson
Can you come here, please?
So, I was just informed that you said something mean to Cory
That's not true, she's lying
Yeah, he did He told me I was-
Now, before we figure out anything
I just wanna point out that what Christine came up and told me
wasn't her business, was it?
And what Christine actually did was what?
Tattle taled
That's right, She tattle taled
And we don't like tattle tales very much, do we?
Cory, what's another name for tattle tale?
That's right, Snitch
And what Christine just did, was snitch on Joyner
And, like the saying goes, "Snitches get" what?
Say it again, "Snitches get" what?
One more time, "Snitches get" what?
"Stitches "

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