Chris conde - Open your heart

I never would've thought it who even could believe it to feel the chains of insane thinking drop to my feet breathe in the sunlight blinking a few times cuz i'm thinking could this be real is the storm over I hit my knees and thank the source for reaching scooping me from this sinking ship that was my life I tried weekend to weekend to control my drinking but then the whole deepen the one inside my heart and the one i left my feet in because I couldn't stop it already sunk my teeth in and after that first taste my will began to weaken could feel the feeling creep in literally like a demon inaugurating my craving to tell me what to think and see and say and feel and taste and I spend my days waiting for the next time I could be wasted and it was safe to say that I couldn't let a day pass without whiskey in a glass day after day I stay trashed.

Open your heart to love and you will be set free from death

I'm alive to invite this rhyme to this line I'm alive to invite
my mind to this time, I'm alive to remind my mind to retire and let soul climb so high I get higher when I'm rippin, rhyme flippin I lift my eyes up. Where does my help come from? I rise up. Cuz my life has no purpose without sky love. when I die, I don't care, I know that I'm loved. So the rhymes I spit are to reflect that. hit that this my words, with my best, emotions in tact, birds trees oceans, this fact: know that you are loved. because sometimes this life's riff raff don't have to be this, that, or the other ways e get that, joy, don't have to be through, toys, or drugs, fix that I hope this doesn't confuse, just feel the impact of the spirit and know you're loved
whether your in that or not we all deal with ways to get through the day but hey slow down and don't forget that there's something bigger than you, so you should get that, mode of thinking beyond what you see, in fact who I am today is from the impact of a source bigger than me, hear the click clack of a new train of thought in ya head with that. i'm out like dad on the couch kicked back

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