Chris conde - Dance

have you ever been a little unsure insecure, about what's under the fur, the
skin under the surface, your purpose, your worth or thirst for searching hurts but it's the thirst that fuels the drive to know, time to go reach on out and grab a hold, when you know
you're supposed to be up out that hole brother hold tight as i pull the rope you're free to go,i'll tell you all you need to know we all got a shit that be here for, and we all grow as we reach deeper for the things in ourselves that will lead us towards the freedom we've come to believe we poor but the fact is that we feed the force until we see that we must be divorced from the lies we believe and then cease this course i think therefore I am I need to soar away from here bro I need the warmth like its been winter for like 3 or 4 years and I fear there's like 3 or 4 more
I'm forcing abortion of this deformed and contortion will that I've used abused and subdued
by profuse self worship a smorgasbord of misfortune my course is to seek recourse and relieve the stress in my chest and rest on a bed of red orchids put down the swords and absorb the radical chords that are flourishing in this magical mighty morphin' endorsement of freedom

Dance (Like No One Is Watching)

If get free I'm a stay free like escapees run to safety they never say hey maybe wait we should go back and pack sandwich and a tasty snack i'm stacking up and raking great things up sup bruh we got much freedom but what comes after? the clean up fucked up for so long we must dust off the rust and brush off the crust we mustered so much dysfunction trust that all of the shit we busted must get fixed and re functioned so that we can stay out the dungeon do you feel
something? sunlight of the spirit is pumping bumpin this beat, feelin the heat this is Texas my rhymes illegal like I be driving while texting Alamo City, All of my city I confess this my heart is here like I just pointed at my chest and we is lifted we is gifted we the kids that get this my lyrics channel phoenix, drunken master tiger fist and dragon back in the mix and back on your Chirstmas wish list wish these kids could just listen can please i get a witness
all I wish is the reverse of a wrist slit for the kids to just listen cuz i'm itchin to spit truth is my mission cuz i been the kitchen just fixin up these compositions rhyme making musician
this is my vision: see my friends lifted out from their prisons into love's presence

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