Chris conde - Basic rappers

I'm about to call the corners bitch demons swarmin' with their horns 'n shit angels singin' in their choruses honey i'm bored as shit with all these tacky rappers rappin' cackle cackle then I slap them asses backwards never knew a faggot rap like I'm rappin' I'm packin' raps like I'm packin' all your asses I'm golden steady when I'm goin' hit em with a flow cause I'm so sick y'all watch as I rock curb stoppin' your pops pop lock then I drop like it's '06 wanna test? I'm a throw fists snatch your wig like some hoe shit I'm the moon you a glow stick you a fish I'm the ocean my flow's overdosin' motherfucker better realize I'm the omen I'm a throw your ass off a banister your days are numbered calendar I was born with a 6 - 6 - 6 so you better not piss off my daddy bro or my nanny bro cannibal animal ramming you with a battering ram of a mechanical flow killa trilla gorilla pillage your village bitches wanna scrimmage but I'm pissin' on all your wishes oh so nasty flow so classy bro I go from Gorgoroth blast beats to frozen slow trap creeps here I go hoe so don't ask me for no more laughing at you all at my show gagging at my whole rap thing yes I know

I am the best give it a rest you wanna test take your last breath All these basic rappers getting on my last nerve

My raps are never hit or miss I always spit it ridiculous and I could give a fuck if you can market this shit it's never stoppin' get heads bobbin' i'm on a roll rockin' plottin' every little wiggle of rhyme and syllable time line droppin' pop 'n lockin' verses reverse curses some merge and some hurt birth a verse words disperse fly high like some birds swerve i'm perverted with my flow it's dirty I murder all these MCs with my left, right, hook cannot stop me I'm tight look Kareem Abdul Jabbar sky hook but when the rain falls down all around and darkness consumes my soul I drown downward spiral viral infection resting in the anti blessing confessing nothing in my chest is the pumping of a heart that want's nothing but to feel something other than anger and fear years after years tears smear down my face clearly there's something wrong up in here in my head I need help dearly I'm merely a man in my mouth I can taste it this is the real me open your mind and embrace it

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