Chris conde - 86 dolphins

Send me to space new age of the KKK fear be the new black Facebook got the play-by-play
Media feeding ya bullshit and we're so hungry in defeat we retweet soundbytes so that we can say I'm a get involved I'm a hand out flyers in the mall I'm a take selfie with a sticker and the post it on my wall I'm a search for solidarity cause apparently my friends are racist, I'm a block em on Instagram then post a photo of a raised fist I'm a check into standing rock I'm a live stream this smoke til I can't feel shit Vizine this find a way to pass the time cause my life don't mean shit If my life don't mean shit then my rhymes don't mean shit I'm either apathetic or I'm filled with rage my parents voted Trump and they know I'm gay feeling really akward don't know what to say seen a swastika on a car today, feeling overwhelmed, apocalypse now, look to the sky and I see grey clouds parting in the middle fire raining down, burning Earth Trumpet Sound temp of the Earth will arise so will the tides killing everything that's a live that is our lives worship all the power and wealth, empty inside, God has abandoned the Earth letting us die.

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