Chris conde - Get free

i'm just a person just a word inside this versatile immersion of rhythm and verses served to connect the earth with a burst of color, and texture, the light that you find that mentors reminding our minds that finding the time to ignite our centers our spirits, our hearts
and our eyes, the fire the ember is crucial for us to enter into a state of surrender to the higher power, big light, fire power, our minds devour whatever feeds the ego, so find the power to seperate, and divide the sour from sweet and let the showers of divinity grow
humility it's the c-h-r-i-s c-o-n-d-e and i spittin my experience til i d-i-e on the m-i-c my raps are attacking the status quo that has latched all their blackend shackles attached to collapse our souls that's how it goes when the world we live in is ruled by the corporations of nations, we're numbers not faces to em so let my poems dethrone the kings of your own
thinking cuz we alone atone for the things we see think and hear and speak, delete all the lies that creep deep in get on your feet, put both hands to the sky then breathe deep in cuz i believe in a reason to live besides we being a dollar sign, a consumer, a customer repeating the same old thing til we die, a fable played to our eyes, a cradle grave they devise, we have to start believing

when i say get free y'all say stay free

i'm just a human just a student just livin life and infusing my life experience, vitamins violins to this music I insist that we climb and get higher to try and get redefined to ignite the light that resides in enlightened kids so let's try to examine the damage of vanity, how it manifests how
it wraps up inside our identity, and we let it be free to roam and it grow and never ceases before it creeps into everything that make say or think so we must discuss our own lusts and trust in guts that the crust can get chucked if all of us push back the dust and the clumps that fuckin disrupt the love downward thrust from up and above i'm bustin these rough raps my mustache, my beard and my tats, my prose, and my flow glows cuz i own my craft i wanna inspire the gifts that you didn't know you had create and produce something beautiful for you to last it's mathematical, radical acrobatical tactical latched to the back of a firecracker mechanical animal addict and i will ramble on til run out of ammo or til my sandals unsalvageable or my raps aren't flammable this is my thesis my reason for waking up everyday for painting my pieces I want to stand naked before you show my weakness so that maybe all my scars can be all your teachers

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