Chris conde - No air

No Air (Remix)
de l'album Growing up Gay par Chris Conde

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No Air (Remix)

Spitting on this track with a venom of a viper old school feel like I got up in a cypher
I'm the type of rapper eat you like a tiger snap your neck and wreck your body with my super hyper flow oh so incredible rappers hold grudges and I'm like bro let it go
I am the best give it a rest you wanna test? Lemme know I can't spit a verse better than anyone I've ever known gimme a sec I'm a faggot with a vengeance I stack up these bars like a fat kid with nestles arrest these perceptions straight kids is guessing yea so I suck dick like, bitch smell my breath on I'm irregular Like i'm better than and not regular spectacular, like a sequined-suited dracula I'm packing and sacking and rappin' and smacking your ass with gay rap ass so when you actually hear what I'm saying you know all that shit will have impact so step back and get blasted with my rainbow flow intergalactic call me space homo it's a fact my raps are made of gold fantastic elastic I'm like oh my god I hear so much bullshit today's raps the reason that we all are stupid, like shut the fuck up man your mouth sounds like your poopin' these are all the dudes that we expect to fuel the movement? Fuck We're in a weird age of hip-hop as queer becomes mainstream mainstream becomes shit-pop bitch naw, gimme one more reason to just spit I'll murder all these rappers smash their heads with fucking big rocks.

Chris Conde House of Kenzo we play like Nintendo
Chris Conde House of Kenzo, Ledef, where you at?

I'm not trying to create my own genre of hip-hop cuz these rappers ain't appealing to disc-jocks
catch me rocking marilyn manson t-shirts with flip-flops and lip gloss is not this talk to someone else watcha know bout me watcha watcha know bout me watcha know bout me watcha watcha know I said your hip-hop is dumb your hip-hop is stoppin' the growth of intellect it's their mind that you be robbin so take a minute to hear what you spit it's limited and definite shit words fitted between your lips and distributed to ears that hear it and live it thinking your lyrics are glittering with hits to gettin' some ends in their hands but i'm back-handin' you rappers got hands full of crap when I smack you I'm packin' my raps with a bag of attackin' tarantulas that tear you to pieces like raptors life's a movie you're a really bad actor crack a safe and find a place to stash that loot after the limelight you're gonna need a way to buy groceries you didn't think you could rhyme right? kings and queens of the blind hype kings and queens of the blind hype


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