Chris conde - Diamond daggerz

This one is for the people call me Evil Kinevil cuz Im stuntin' hear me run up inside your cerebral then I straight ignite it your brains on fire I stimulate your senses with pencils and pens papyrus I got a virus my flows are sick and I just can't help that everytime I spit it's like a touch from Midas this shit is golden just like this mic i'm holdin' I'm heavier that tidal waves rising up from the ocean my notion as a vocalist is to invoke the dopest shit in hopes that coast to coast these kids can know how heavy flows can get like back when moses rose his staff to split the sea in half I laugh when I hear rappers try to rap and spit it's more like crap and shit with my syllabic acrobatic ninja master raps I get crazy sort of like i'm manic having panic fits I think I might be the best faggot rapper that has ever lived

Diamond Daggerz they trying to grab her to pull her from ladders they want her to shatter fucks with they psyche saying that bitch might be the Antichrist in panties tights and Nikes, fight me black flame candles on my mantle motherfucker you don't really wanna gamble with the voodoo that I do you cannot handle I dismantle all these busted faces more like traces of my flow these queens are tasteless bitch you basic I know it's miraculous that back when I started to rap I get so ravenous every night that I would have to write make sure every line's crafted with a flow incredible shoot the gift then I let it go never knowin' how it's going but I feel like I was chosen as an omen to get rappers to their funerals so I lift my voice right up into the sky as a proclamation that every verse I birth unto the earth is a demonstration of immaculate flow lyrics of diamond gold murdering every show gripping the mic and igniting a riotous fire the size of the earth as a whole.

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