Chris conde - Spiral case

this circle is a maze of grey coats my brain paints and stains
every movement, every thought every breath my chest creates.
in and out, back and forth, fickle like my sanity i plan to see the other side, so i throw a stone at vanity watch the glass shatter in the matter of a second it don't matter brain scattered and i'm asking lots of questions wake n bake take a break makin' rhymes on my iphone done running, cunning baffling, need light in my home need hope in my heart and i'm sick of never finishing anything i've started, resting back and twiddling my thumbs i'm done i know you heard me say it iin between the syllables i know you hear me pray it i'm fading into light and then back into the black again wishing i was right back in the light and not it's antonym and I'm askin when God when will i stop chokin, cuz i've reached this point break at the bottom and i'm broken.

I spin further further into the murder submerged vernacular that I rip spatter glitter glam glitz spit spectacular get back into the lab and ask for more inspiration i'm back forth information i have no more cuz i'm rappin for the youth of nation i choose to create tunes maybe for you to feel safer whatever used for i'm so truly gracious that you would even choose to engage this crazy dude's views it's amazing my lyrics spray ancient fade away and i'm chasin a cloud wastin my time it's time that i face this i'm at home wasted, waitin for the patience to face my nature it's not painless.

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