I Fight Lions - Better Days

Dripping wet and windswept, I walked in from the storm
Which seems to just be rolling on and on
But I'll take whatever weather let it rain and let it pour
It's just another thing that's out of my control

Just take a second, disconnect
Don't let the trouble stir your tranquil mind
Just take a second, take a breath

Let's pretend, just for tonight
That all this chaos is just fine
Let's unscrew the cheapest wine that we can find
And raise a glass to better days
Where all our worries slide away
Could be tomorrow, if I wake up by your side

The fire purrs and crackles, and invites me to the warmth
Your shadow gently flickers on the wall
And that heavy burden's gone the second I walk through the door
Without you doing anything at all

Does na'm byd o bwys pan wyt ti'n fy mreichiau i
Ac os di'r byd yn dod i ben, jysd caea'r llenni a chanlyn y llif

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