Christopher paul - 02 overdue fun

Overdue Fun
Words and music By: Christopher Paul (Maslyar)
Copyright: Genoa Music Co.

Sitting alone down by the sea
The moon and the stars winking at me
And there's nowhere else I'd rather be
Just taking a moment to let myself breathe

I spend all my days working a grind
To save what I can so I can unwind
Where the saw grass is swaying with the Live Oak trees
Nobody is calling only myself to please

I've got the sun in the sand the waves in the breeze
Soothing my heart putting my mind at ease
Not a care in the world or a thing to be done
Just kicking back a little for some long long overdue fun

I made some new friends and a Beachside Grille
I bought a new pair of shades
And I hat from Brazil
Now I'm tipping a Blue Moon watching everyone chill
Wishing that somehow I could make time stand still

And I'm not really sure but I might be in love
With a cute local girl who works in a pub
On the south end of Main Street
I'll have to see where that goes
Dreaming of romance pushing the sand in my toes

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