Aztx - My song (feat. blakey)

Now I'm a little lonely

I told you once before

But you never listen close enough

Not close enough

Can you hear my heartbeat

It's beating through my chest

But you never listen closely

Not close enough

I already told you once

Don't get lost without me

Fall into my arms ,just

Don't be scared to leave with me

I know a place we'll start,

Don't get drunk without me,

So i don't my head

Yeah so you ain't lookin for the one

That makes life easy

We'll drink till we get old

OH wont you hear my song, tonight.

But I'm pretty busy making sure

That You won't forget

Don't sit inside alone

OH wont you hear my song, tonight.

I know I called you yesterday

Pretty crazy I suppose

Might be worth the wait

But only time will show

You Hold your pillow, at night (so close)

Sleeping with us on your mind... (don't)

I hope we're worth the wait

But I guess we'll never know

Writers: David Dae-Won Benkel , Henry Alexander Lee-Boazman , Jack Lavelle

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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