Randy rogers band - Wine in a coffee cup

Alarm clock rings, same old thing
6:35, same routine
All dolled up and on the road by 8
Does her makeup on the way, she's never been late

Nobody at work has any idea
How much she's hurtin' when she walks in
Hides it so well, you'd never know what's going on
Self-medication all day long

There's wine in her coffee cup
It's her under cover pick me up
She runs the show from 9 to 5
Her Hollywood smile is just a big disguise
She always turns to the bottle when times get tough
Wine in a coffee cup

Every afternoon on the way home
Stops at the liquor store all alone
Gets whatever it takes for her to stay numb
And she'll pour another when the morning comes


Writers: Aaron Raitiere , RANDY ROGERS

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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