Andrew bird - Andalucia

Andalucia, when can I see ya?
When it's snowing out again
Farmer John wants you
Louder and softer closer and dearer
Then again

Needing you
Taking you
Keeping you
Leaving you

In a year and a day, to be sure
That your face doesn't alter
Your words never falter (I love)
I love you
(And I)
I love you
Ooh (ooh)

I'll be here waiting, later and later
Hoping the night will go away
Andalucia, castles and Christians
Andalucia, come to stay
You were lost
Once before
On a day, much like this
When you'd made up your mind not to come
I couldn't persuade you
Or wait till tomorrow, or pass the time
Or pass the time
I love you

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