Leif strandh - Remembrance day


We were watching the Premier League
A lazy soccer sunday
But silence struck me, when that fanfare blew
Honouring Remembrance day
A call out to remember
How so many died to defend
Their freedom and their land

I get emotional, when I tell my son
We are men born free
And there were people who gave their lives
In Flanders Fields
This is something to remember
when the dark clouds gather today
When we´ve got freedom and our land

The rain was pouring down but that fanfare blew
Watching uniforms at attention, while that fanfare blew
And the crowd, so silent
When that message got through

Now, let me introduce myself
I am a green entrepreneur
And I am fighting any way I can
For the survival of Mother Earth
These were my thoughts the two minutes
The horn was honouring the day
On Remebrance day
When we have freedom in our land

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