Cross canadian ragweed - Dead man

Judgement coming down on you
Now your conscience is kicking in
Everybody's to blame baby but you
Now my patience is wearing thin

Get out of my life you're coming unthread
Out of your mind over your head
And you wonder why you're all alone
Losing your grip coming undone
Using your mouth like a gatlin gun
I won't be your stepping stone
If there's a dead man in my closet
Show me your bones

What did I ever do to you
I've always loved you just the same
I hate feeling like I do
I wish my blood wasn't in your veins

repeat chorus

Now you wanna take it back
You could beg and you could plead
I ain't cutting you no slack
And you ain't no 'a part of me

Writers: CODY JAY CANADA , Michael Mcclure

Lyrics © Bluewater Music Corp.

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