Cross canadian ragweed - Highway 377

the devil's got a hot rod Ford
JESUS got a brand new Cadillac
The devil he sent me off the road
Sent me 60 feet below
JESUS turned around and he came back
I heard the tires scream on that Cadillac

The devil he ain't got no clue
Jesus got his eyes on you
The devil ha made me crash my ride
I got JESUS on my side
JESUS on my side
You see he was driving that ragtop right in back of me

The devil with his evil grin
JESUS with his healing hands
The devil he just sits and smiles
JESUS wipes the blood from my eyes
JESUS with his healing hands
He picks me up and holds me where I stand

That devil he won't get too far
JESUS let me drive his car
We drove him off that Seminole Bridge
Back to hell you son of a bitch
JESUS and me we made that Cadillac yell
We sent that demon screamin' back to hell

JESUS got a coupe de ville
He's ridin' right behind me still
He's with me on that broken line
In case the devil he comes back sometime
JESUS in his brand new Cadillac
He's making sure that devil he don't come back

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