Cross canadian ragweed - Hey, hey

Look at you with your heart on a shelf
Sit at home you get drunk by yourself
Call up a friend to ease your mind
Anything to pass the time

Hey hey it's all gonna change
Well well when you turn around again
My my in the wink of an eye
Don't ask why as time goes by

Take your dreams to the railroad tracks
You're not sure if they're comin back
Watch em roll away down the line
Stand there wavin with your friend time


Ain't got no dollars ain't got no change
But nothin new it ain't that strange
Waitin for your ship to come in
Headed north on a southern wind


Time and patience got a way
To brighten up your darkest day, yeah

Everything went wrong somehow
Kind of funny to laugh at now
Punched a hole in the wall in the night
Only to laugh in the morning light

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