Willie the kid - Cork fee (feat. action bronson)

(Verse 1) (Willie The Kid)

Sauvignon for the celebration sovereign
Modern day Malcolm talcum powder
I vow to, pop bubbles like its Alka Seltzer
Posers catch a ulcer at the show in Tulsa
Teslas test em for corona club promoter
Restaurant owner, liquor license been the nicest
Nights like this these rappers rap about
Chatter box nothing to chat about
Box seats I'm at the boxing match cigar cutters book of matches
Don't compare me to no rappers this the Don Package
Michael Corleon baby boy I waited patient
No mistaken my intention so I played it flagrant

(Verse 2) (Action Bronson)

Baklava Scolioni
The feather 110 is a showstopper
don't get too close you get your toes chopped off doctor
Fuck around and get mopped up
Dealing with a hot fuck the boy fly planes better than Top Gun
Butt naked doing Mach 1
Shit the odds are you couldn't see me in Marjon
Now put the cheese on my like chicken parm
Got all sort of geology on my fucking arm
Shit I'm on the floor at The Garden
The solar system was stunned all the stardom
Perfect trio like Shaq Clooney and Leo
Just add me and Neo, now we got a Starting Five

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