Willie the kid - Tycoon rap


Tycoon Rap


This ain't no fly by night despite I flew the coop
I fly by in the coupe The Fly in ya soup
I'm tipping champagne flutes guess I became a suit
Not buying in to the trends but you can buy the Brut
The black Bruce Wayne I came through with all the gadgets
Back the ratchet out the jacket at the package store
Parking lot niggas get shot for acting more
Ostentatious than necessary my bullets vary
762 556 no rotary
Imagine me addressing niggas who ain't got more than me
I been around the world twice
And yet it's still more to more to see
Power U over power you that's sorcery
I'm feeling bossy at The Dewberry
You just a do-boy I'm W Dubois you boys
Very ineffective at being effective
My shirt open at the grand opening it's festive
I bought a building could've bought a necklace
Teach your children not to spend reckless
Protect your energy overprotective
I'm having brunch with the Mayor champagne for breakfast
All facts no cap you wishing I was fronting
Uh how that nigga turn nothing to something
Watch for the gluttonous my ducks in row
Fuck the mass popularity with nothing to show
No coverage but I'm well covered
Kept the gloves in the glove box before the Covid
You hoping she didn't but yes your hoe did
Stretching like Bo Flex around the whole crib
Uh this adult content
I don't respond to nonsense correspondence
I'm not content until I'm filthy rich
Capital Gains

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