Willie the kid - Durban poison (feat. roc marciano)


Get the levels straight
Just to levitate

(Verse 1) (Willie The Kid)

Smooth like almond milk this all silk
Arm and Hammer box orange
Boxcutter orange bubble coat
Candy corn orange
Fancy like a French horn
A steed mount the unicorn
Horny goat weed indeed
Legendary like I'm Jake Steed
Forlorn word is born like it's 92
I remember niggas shined shoes
Now acting like you Tom Cruise
Tommy died trying to prove he ain't soft
Billy Batts and the tablecloth uh
Moral of the story: Respect Made Men
ATL like Tommy Buns I play the loft
The Porsche red like soft batch butter soft
I just get the numbers off
Firearm scratch the numbers off
I taught so much game I get the summers off
Butterscotch sauce awesome
Nothing sweet but the penthouse
I strategize then I went south
Came back put this shit on my back you niggas ungrateful
I became the scapegoat
Nevertheless I'm the goat I'm through gloating
Gluten-free vodka shop with your boy
I'm too coy no gold fish the real McCoy

(Verse 2) (Roc Marciano)

The pen been dangerous since a shorty
They saw me screw the extension on the 40
The inventory look gaudy doggie
My thoughts perverted like Porkys
The seats in the Corniche is like coffee
You too poor to be talking to me
Wolve's tooth print on the Tom Fords
Le Coq Sport you rocking knock off I'm like Roger Moore
I advise you all to hide your whores what's with all this riding high dog?
I promise Lord if we lock horns it'll sound like I'm popping popcorn
I'm the most consistent ever
Nigga what I did to this era made me legendary like Yogi Berra
The Maison Margiela wearer
Where I dwell it's a thin margin for error
I just spent an arm and a leg on the chinchilla
My lyrics carved in a pillar
I'm like God to these niggas

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