Willie the kid - Brewster's millions (feat. curren$y)

(Verse 1) (Willie The Kid)

Opportunity knocking baby show me your knockers
Higher fashion like a Knickerbocker it's nickel plated
Don't play with me nigga, your mind you must've loss
Niggas tryna knock your hustle off
Mazel tov Molotov Cocktail just let me light the cloth
No hassle Knight Rider David Hasselhoff
A brief huddle at the Huddle House discuss amounts
Announcements I used to sell mixtapes The Nounce
Pronounced Motu I need 2 champagne flutes if it's not a bother
Let me do the honors honest I paid top dollar for the otter fur
Three-quarter length I should see a shrink
Deferred I'm on the brink of insanity
Case closed like Otter Box my family
Sanctified no Potter's House pair the porter with the porterhouse
Escort em out for acting out
I'm blacking out a power outage when I check mileage
Academic prowess
Baddies get allowance
Boundless you bound to get shot you come around us
The brokest niggas be the loudest check to foulness

(Verse 2) (Curren$y)

The brokest niggas we don't know those niggas
Don't go close
Social distance even though we were once on the same floor as them niggas
So they were go-getters
We was different we rose above
Same as the chronic
Smoke guns Lamborghini poster lighting strike
Behind a bad bitch she got the doors up
Bought that at the 4th grade book fair
Decided right there I recreate the same scene back at my lair
I purchase undeveloped land place garages there
Barb wire fences cameras to survey what's in it
I got an addiction V8s V12 engines chrome suspensions
I see it I gotta have it I'm drive driven
Airbrush long sleeve
I represent the east side of New Orleans
Camaros assault rifles and a plate of red beans
Anywhere I be I light that weed
I bet she disappear when I leave
Real pimp beneath the breeze of the palm trees
100 thousand dollar cars on New Year's Eve
We at the roof top bar me and my colleagues
We own the sports team nigga you can afford to breathe

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