Willie the kid - Free parking


Yo it's the American Way
Free Parking, yo


Last time shit went left my niggas got right
Left a man where he stand ya right arm in a sling
Liberate like the left-wing, equal rights
I took a stance never took the stand despite
Game room in the east wing I never the punt
All is quiet on the western front
I can't front bad bitches left em on read
Duane Reade run, diamonds dancing like Re-Run
What's Happening, at the cabin in the Gatlinburg just having fun
Extendo like a Gatling gun I had to run
Made a run and came back to bake the baklava
Explosion 5 cops cars in front of my bar
Building ask a man with dependent children
What type of shield he wielding I chilling
My chick a legend like Wilma Rudolph
For every Gotti there's a Dolph pay the cost to be boss
Everybody can floss
Unity I've been a rebel UNLV
What the fuck you gone tell me on a LP
Peaty take a sniff of the snifter and sipp
I reciprocate energy that's generally uh
New rappers like it's 10 of me
Royalties you should sending me
Ro add insult to injury
I'm too industrious for this industry
The crown prince royal

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