Willie the kid - Breakfast nook (feat. eto)

(Intro) (Eto)

Change in behavior
Changing the strategy
Make the wrong choice you get the right answer
Willie what's the word brozay?
It's only one way up Lord
It will not bring me down
New Crack Era
Hells Roof

(Verse 1) (Eto)

Don't play with my bread and wine with all praise due
Don't be stupid you ain't burned a cop car down yet?
You only looted?
Can't be the only man standing up
Before he knew it they sat him down
Kept the key and through the can at us
Cracked the dutch
I light up at the bar slam the cup
Shorty with the mannequin butt light up the bar
Spoken word coke and herb that's all I had to tell her
If she's like me give me a night then I might can sell her
bring her back to Hudson
Life hits as soon as she punch in
Can't enjoy the functions I found the right bitch
It's nights like this I might miss
I'm reminded by them daily they idolizing Swayze

(Interlude) (Willie The Kid)

That's when I like came in the bar, you know
It's kind of funny you run into, you know,
You see situations you don't, you know uh

(Verse 2) (Willie The Kid)

Then Rocafella break up
My hat cocked like the old Bleek
My gat cocked
By my side like obliques
No slow leaks uh
I'm eating whole wheat this whole week
The first time I drove the range (I'm) like this hoe weak uh
Speaking of hoe I'm in her throat deep
Granted we ain't spoke really this whole week
Tweaking keep twerking while I tap this bourbon
Next morning my son's soccer game I'm so suburban
Double lives when you realize that you first
The sun never rotates around the universe
How many times I eclipse without throwing shade
And spotlighted good women and paid for they braids
Pain is love and a missed call in the wee hours
Know a queen when you see one perceived power
I think fucking in the shower is overrated
Check the expiration date baby we over dated
I hate it but all good things must come to an end
The Benz whiter than Karen capture on the lens
The system thinks it's not right
A rich thug could fuck a cops wife
Pop life

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