Ida mae - Deep river (feat. marcus king)

You were a cannonball, moving on the water
I was the moon and the river and the rapture
Mississippi Cavaliers crashing through the Mayqueens chandeliers

We left the river, headed to the city
Two organ grinders, looking for a monkey
Tombstone hearts and Blacksmith hands
Aching just for being there on dry land
Clattering stone and rattling bones, stepping to the beat of an old acetone
You and me my baby blue, deep in the jungle without our shoes

When you get to the City, you gotta get a job
And you'll walk those streets until your feet throb
White shirts, clean teeth, combed hair, tie,
You'll still be at the bottom of the welfare line
I tried to be a weatherman tried to mix drinks
Took out loans to learn to think
Pink pills fizzing up my brain, I stayed unemployed as the falling rain

Oh My, Deep River Bottom Blues

Mr banks said he could help but I could see his teeth
Clicking like a tiger before fresh meat
Compound interest, FDIC, nothing in this town ever came for free
I soon missed the wind, blowing through the rushes
I soon missed the river song riding like a Duchess
Lost in someone else's prayer, trapped between the cold earth and the air

Oh My, Deep River Bottom Blues


In my blood I could feel the tide, pulling through me like your presidents pride
I knew it was time to leave, smell of the water coming through the trees
So we drank to the zealots, apostles and dreamers, that were poor as the patriots and parking meters
And flowed like a river made of gasoline and all of the ice down in New Orleans
There was no message I could find, no epiphany calling from the clear divine Just broken screens and flying machines, in pieces on the ground

Oh My, Deep River Bottom Blues

You were a cannonball moving across the water
I was the moon and the river and the rapture
Mississippi cavaliers crashing through the May queen chandeliers

Writers: Christopher Turpin , Stephanie Jean Ward


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