Forest sun - Having a ball

Having a ball
Oh yes I'm having such fun
Having a ball
And I think that when I'm done

I just might have another
Or maybe two
I'm having a ball
How 'bout you?

Having a ball
More fun than a barrel of monkeys
And gosh darn it all
I sure am feeling spunky

So if your feeling
A little bit spunky too
We can have ourselves a ball
Me and you

Having a ball
I'm happy as a clam
I'm up against the wall
But frankly my dear I don't give a damn

One things for certain
That's that nothing's for sure
I don't mind telling you all
I'm having a ball

Having a ball
Oh yes I'm flying so high
They say I might fall
Oh, but I don't mind

It's better to die laughing
Than not to have laughed at all
I'm sitting pretty and standing tall
I'm having a ball

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