Forest sun - Loveseat

She got a love seat
In the corner of the room
She got style and a smile
And her body goes boom

And my heart does, too
Know what I want to do
Kiss her light as a feather
Now we lay down together

Losing clothes on the way
We're rolling in the hay
She tease me just a little 'til my body starts to say
Damn girl, won't you let me come in
She says sit here on my loveseat and we can begin

To ride it, slide it
Ain't no need to hide it
It's a loveseat cruise
Take off your shoes and step inside it

She got a loveseat, yeah
She got a loveseat, mmmm

So put that record on
Maybe that Ray Charles song
'Cause when it's on, it's on
And now are minds are gone

Put my lips on her dimple
'Til her teapot starts to whistle
We're having ourselves a ball
Playing monkey in the middle

Did the earth just move?
Is that you or me yelling?
I'm licking on your lips like a slice of watermelon

She got a loveseat, yeah
She got a loveseat, mmmm

She got a love seat
She got verbs and prepositions
She got a coffee table book
Of anatomical positions

So get your soul in the mood
With some wine and some food
Adjust your attitude
To get your body in the groove

You say your mama don't approve
And I don't mean to be rude
But if the loveseats calling
Mama, we got to move

She gotta Loveseat
Loveseat, yeah

Come and knock, knock, on the door
Come and find out what a loveseats for

She got a love seat, yeah

She says come by later and she'll hook you up
She's a facilitator of loveseat love

She gotta loveseat, loveseat
Yeah, she gotta loveseat

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