Jaden - Circa 2015

We was in our parking lot phase
We were seventeen
All your energy was sent to me
And I gave you the same
At least that's just how I see it
Girl, I'm sorry about everything
And I don't wanna say it 'fore the sunrise
She be always waiting for us sunrise
Range on a roll, what a fun ride
On the way to Westlake
Said I love you like a hunnid times
Watch the sunset, picture soaring in the summertime

I feel it in your eyes (I'm tryna find your lucid touch)
It's passion in your eyes (so you could know how I am feeling)
At least I can see you smile
Girl, it's been a while
We should take a drive

Where we will go
Where we've never been before
I can't sleep at night
'Til I can sing you this lullaby, oh my
I know I'm just young and in love
Butterfly on a hill
Third eye lotus, head in the mud

But I have the heart to tell you, I'm sorry
I hope we stay close growing up
'Cause you're all that I want

Lose our heading just like our love
Only sky above us
Girl, you got me stressed out as fuck
I ain't been honest enough
You're the only thing that I want
I'm not giving up

Not giving up (not giving up)
Not giving up

The summertime I close my eyes and search
Jaden, Jaden, Jaden

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