Dralms - Precious flower

In our honour
Could I write a song for you?
A hard pill to swallow
Some meat to bite and chew
And I hope you have your mouth full Now and every single meal
Each scrap I dare steal
Is in our honour
My man my man, he's a precious flower
And I've been choking down almonds Any nut I can get
Maybe I'll go fuck myself
And roll a cigarette
In our honour
Ass and tits
The pedals tip
Full gardens in bloom and that's not it A million flowers grow for us
My man, my man, he's a precious flower
Mourning comes
And brings us this parting gift While we pay our dues
And talk a little shit
All our sacred vows
Who knew?
They were all for want
And I want nothing now
I want nothing now
My man my man, he's a precious flower

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