Samantha crain - Tough for you

I bit through my top lip when I was a kid and a ball of scar's still there. And I remember so clearly the blood everywhere. A quivering chin and a single tear. I wanted to be tough for you.

I was planning to be changed the darkest day of the year as we parked near the Christian thrift store. The smell of the downtown feed mill, the popcorn and the rain. I wanted to bow out, hesitate some more, but I wanted to be tough for you.

Watching the prairies from the Yellow Head Highway, scrapping the frost from the glass. My head filled with a puddle, my heart sank like a stone. I couldn't bear a thing, I needed to go home. I wanted to be tough for you.

My silence feels like a victory, but a tenderness is inside of me, some program bestowed upon me that I want to be tough for you. Tough for you.


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