Samantha crain - Joey

Joey, why don't you come around and see me? Got plenty of room now that I live alone. Last time I saw you, you were walking in the meadow, your face was sweaty and your outfit was gone.

I don't mind if you spill your wine like you used to. I know it's different but we'll figure it out. Sometimes I feel like my memories never happened. Could you remind me, take me back for a night?

Was it ever real?
I don't even feel like that girl anymore
Was it heavenly?
I don't even see through those eyes anymore
A hundred small deaths, a hundred before
I am a revolving door, I am a revolving door

Joey, I'm working at a shop down on Main street. It pays the bills and keeps my head screwed on tight. But I feel astray cause we were never for staying so narrow, so straight, and unwilling to fight.

So what is time but a thief among men? Just a robber who moves on out of view? Forget the time, it's a watery friend. It moves on and it streams as it wants to.

Joey, I need you more than ever before now. You are the gentle only key to my past. I want to reminisce, remember my springtime. I can rewind but I need you to playback.


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