Blitzen trapper - Dead billie jean

Dead Billie Jean
In the shot glass lies a quarter and a tear for every year
In the house of the holy-handed bride-to-be

Born on the 4th of July
No question who the mother was, but the father's on the lam
Playin' spoons and grand piano in a family van
Prosthetic hand

I was six feet under playin' bones with Brian Jones and Jim
'Cause there's a right way and a wrong way here to die
And there ain't no reason why

Dead Billie Jean
What have you seen?
Dead Billie Jean
What have you seen in the twilight's dawn

So dead Billie Jean
She paid her tab and drove out through the Indiana dawn
Never know when something's wrong
Never recognize in the great bird's eyes

I was smokin' dope with Lincoln in a Chrysler on the hill
In the no man's land where spirits seem to go
'Cause it's all in who you know

Honest Dave, he cracked his window just a skosh to breathe
He said it's time that we both leave, you and me and Billie Jean
'Cause we're just slidin' through the aether in a dream
And nothin's what it seems to be to me
Yeah, nothin's what it seems to be to me

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