Ryan trey - Mutual butterflies

"Wassup ladies and gentlemen
This your host DJ Sentra
How y'all doing on this fine summer evening
The time is now 7:50 and it's 76 degrees with a cool summer breeze
You're listening to Hot 82.4
And this smooth track I'm 'bout to play reminds me of my first girlfriend
Hate that bitch
But anyways (yeah) here's Ryan Trey (yeah) Mutual Butterflies"

I give you parts of my heart I've never seen before
I let you paint my black and white feelings to pink and gold
Lil' girl I let you drive my car
I let you see my room
I let you drink my juice, nobody drinks my juice
I let you get too comfortable (yeah)
You wasting my time
I know I shoulda hit you with that duck and roll (yeah)
And now my niggas like I told you so (yeah)
But then my mama told me real eyes realize, baby
Realize this girl for you
You the only one trippin, she gave her soul to you
I guess she right, I mean she cool, I mean she tight
I mean if we speaking on facts I guess she's something that I like
Or maybe date?
Or maybe wife?
Oh, I'm trippin'
Did I admit that I'm slippin' for a girl like you?
I guess I could try to
The only problem is you make me nervous
But then you told me that I make you nervous too

I guess that's mutual
That's just the way it goes
You're what I'm waiting on
I'm just so used to hurtin'
This love just makes me nervous
But it's just mutual

These love things are mutual, when they somewhat beautiful
Guess my heart could get used to you, feel you when you arrive
You ain't even touch the porch yet
I come to you when I'm upset
With you I can forget that I'm hurtin'
And when I'm low you pull me from the bottom
I know I get lost but I ain't really searchin' when I know you got it (yeah)
Where have you been? I shoulda heard about it
Damn, I love it
'Cause see when I'm with you, I feel a nigga lose his problems
Things you teach me, make me reconsider college
Too many colors used to make a nigga nauseous
Red, blue feelings make a nigga look like Compton
Bruce Lee kick it, just call off of work if you with it
Babe, I've never had a you before
And you a present and a future goal
'Cause I gave you my soul, you gave one back
Who woulda known that this was

Mutual butterflies
You know who this for (right)

Writers: Ryan Fulton


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