Black eyed peas - What's goin down

[Chorus x2]
Yo what's up
What's going down
Let's start it up
It's not too late
It's not too late
To start it up

Buckle up, here comes the shakedown
We gon' turn it up, listen to the bass pound
You got to react, high to the high hat
Bounce to the boom bap, we gon' make your soul tap
When we came through y'all was all mellow moo'
We motivated a mosh pit like heavy metal
Rock crowds from punk rock to soul
And bring funk to monks and aunts and uncles
What you getting good?
We da real mother funkers
Funk what you thunk we the ones that a funk up
Cadillac trunk filled with B-E-P bumpers
Dumpin' out concrete hits like cement dumpers

[Chorus x2]

Rock hard hard rock
Bombard your whole block
Reinforce my fleet, the funk is non-stop
Dance stars dance hard, I'm back with Weekends
Tied a place in your face with shit that's leaving
Yeah we be the main source serving up the main course
Don't stop, planet rock, light source by the force
Bang-bang, boogie-boogie up jump the jumpstart
Ignite to take flight we rocked ya depart (where?)
To the third part (what?) it's a trilogy

What you didn't know
Ay yo we bring the bumps
Bumps for your trunk and we making the funk-funk

[Chorus x2]

Yo we up again, listen up
It's the Peas with the sound
We's about the break out
Shake the whole Earth now
Bass down up and loud whenever we get...
Set it off in your town
Let ya know we all pound
Whoever you are we gonna make you do it
Whatever you do it just stop
And dance to this
This is the diggy-diggy-diggy-diggy rock-rock
This is the diggy-diggy-diggy-diggy crew-crew

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