Typhoon - Cpr/claws pt.2

Your help is on the way
Just sing yourself a song and wait
Nothing was promised in the first place
But we will suffer for as long as we can take
Then the suffering, one way or another
It will go away

It's quiet and you wake
You make the bed for two you always make
Though have empty from some days before
He lay down on the kitchen floor
You struggled but you could not afford
The weight
And in a senseless moment
Everything you're working toward
Was taken away

So you sold everything you didn't want
You sold everything you didn't want to save
Oh you sold everything you didn't want
And what you couldn't sell you gave away
Now you've a few years left give or take
And I think I should say

As long as you're waiting
As long as you're waiting
Since you have nothing to do with your hands
You might as well pray
I am no god-fearing man but I am afraid
Of something that I cannot quite explain

This marks a vulnerable part of me
I guess it runs in my family
Passing the fire down to me
I only fear for my family
I've got it in me
Got it in my genes

Misery loves company
So careful of the friends you keep

I wanna live but I don't wanna live
This thing is out there I don't know where it is

I'm waving the white flag, the fire's ceased
I don't want any enemies
So why they still digging their claws in me?


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