Talib kweli - Lifting off

I ain't tryna get high alone

(Lifting off) never been so high
I get on my plane and see planes go by
High enough to see the angels fly
Now that we back in the game these lames gon' die
(Lifting off) like the Mars rover or the weight on your shoulder
That held you down with the weight of a boulder
Whether a drug dealer baking the soda or a revolutionary soldier
We here for you, yo; the waiting is over 'cause we
(Lifting off) off the ground; take you up in the clouds
Floating on the notes and tones
Until the condensation drip from my brow
We'll disappear in the crowd
Till I'm surrounded with sounds; count it down and we
(Lifting off) five on it--used to the split the cost
Roll it up, take a hit and cough, relax
Keep reefer like a fifth of Ros'
We make 'em dance like Kalashnikov
Take 'em higher, we

[Chorus: x2]
(Lifting off) light it up, take a blade, divide it up
It's not enough; grab your arms and tie 'em up
Go further, hit the pipe, and fire it up
'Cause they like the rush when they

(Lifting off) I've never been so low
When I smoke, I don't wanna be dependent on the Dro'
For the happiness 'cause happiness should come from your soul
I told myself like at least you don't fuck with the blow
(Lifting off) I tried to buy LSD
But a dred refused to sell it to me
He was like, "well, yeah, I got it, but that's a white-man drug, not for us"
I said, "a'ight, man, love, still I be"
(Lifting off) in the limelight, indication dazed
Shrooms had my mouth dry looking for the Gatorade
On a date with the high made me fade away
I left shorty at the table with a razor blade
(Lifting off) but, see, I'm getting off track
No tracks in my arms--I never fucked with the smack
Or the crack; only vice was the trees and the 'gnac
Until my man Jimmy got me onto Jack; throw it back and I'm

[Chorus: x2]

(Lifting off) it's such a passionate high
No sense in passing it by
I'm like Inspectah Deck; the clouds are so far relaxed in the sky
Coming down, looking back in the Stuy'; ain't no problem they
(Lifting off) on the daily
Behind the restoration plaza where they got a production of Alvin Ailey
At the theater named after Billy, she struggled with it too
If she was here right now, she'd probably hit it too
(Lifting off) but still there's no excuse
Spread the myth that if I don't get high, then I don't produce
These people acting like they want the truth
But the appearance of the truth is good enough; they don't want the proof
They get to too confused
They looking too confused; the pigeon flew the coop
I stay out the bubble, but they keep me in the loop
Soon as I'm in the house, it's through the roof and we

[Chorus: x4]

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