Christopher walken - (you're) timeless to me

Styles keep a-changing, the world's rearranging
But Edna, you're timeless to me
Hemlines are shorter, a beer crossed a quarter
But time cannot take what comes free

You're like a stinky old cheese, babe
Just getting riper with age
You're like the fatal disease, babe
But there's no cure so let this fever rage

Some folks can't stand it, say time is a bandit
But I take the opposite view
'Cause when I need a lift, time brings a gift
Another day with you

A twist or a waltz, it's all the same schmaltz
With just a change in the scenery
You'll never be old hat, that's that
You're timeless to me

Oh, Wilbur, I love you

Fads keep a-fading, Castro's invading
But Wilbur, you're timeless to me
Hairdos are higher, mine feels like barbed wire
But you say I'm chic as can be

You're like a rare vintage ripple
A vintage they'll never forget
So pour me a teeny weenie triple
And we can toast the fact, we ain't dead yet

I can't stop eating, your hairline's receding
And soon you'll have nothing at all
So, you'll wear a wig while I roast a pig
Hey, pass that Geritol

Glenn Miller had brass, that Chubby Checker's at gas
But they all pass eventually
You'll never be pass, hip hooray
You're timeless to me

You're like a broken down Chevy
All I need is a fresh coat of paint
And Edna, you got me going hot and heavy
You're fat and old, baby, boring, you ain't

Some folks don't get it but we never fret it
'Cause we know that time is our friend
Yeah, it's plain to see that you're stuck with me
Until the bitter end

And we got a kid who's blowing the lid
Off the Turnblad family tree
You'll always hit the spot, big shot
You're timeless to me

You'll always be du jour, mon amor
You're timeless to me
You'll always be first string, ring a ding ding
You're timeless to me

You're timeless to me
You're timeless to me
You're timeless to me

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