Mellowhype - Based

Pink lipstick courtesy of Mac
Nails so long, call it Tiger Attack
Heels so high fuck price I stack
One look at me you'll never come back
I'm your worst nightmare let me take you there
Have you waking up in sweats that you can barely bare
Crocodile purse, yeah bitch my shit is rare
Don't come to close it might bite ya dear
See ya playing on me
Get ya blocked knocked off keep slaying on me
Yes being hot shit is my expertise
Call me A+ hun that's excellency
No F's, no D's, no B's, or C's
I'm the talk of the town quit playing with me
Got the lock to the riches never get the key
I'm the Queen of the castle hit the dungeon be

Got mace, I face, like the weed I taste
No grace, fuck haste, makes waste cremate
Every single woman in here wanna park my base
When all I seeing bitches when they approach my face
I'm wearing all black batman in the Gotham
I don't potato head my nigga I squash 'em
Shooting 'em till he dead, play dead like a possum
Powder puff pussy, pussy powder puff blossom
I'm awesome, fucking awesome
Want a verse or a beat from my niggas it'll cost ya
Franklins, Benji's
Euro dollars gotta count up all my curren
C. Renee rollin' marijuana, G5 currently

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