Mellowhype - Gram

I bet you never heard some shit like this before
Mellowhype Blackenedwhite is too original
Give me the snares, give me the drum, had it rotated with the hi-hat
Let the music paint my destiny so I don't buy maps
Toasting champagne, flukes and wine cats
Purple kush got me sleepy I'm about to take a nice nap
Baby compare your man to me, uh, I'm twice that
He keep you up all night, I put to sleep night cap
I'm killing you niggas and that's a bright fact
If Christ gave me the gift of a talent well then can Christ rap?
Swastika letterman jacket nigga you like that?
Lookin' for cheerleader's booties and booties I might sack
Lineback, Hodgy Beats I'm back
Mellowhype we're in with master generics
Kill Them All, smear it all over your mirrors

Mellowhype is too epic
You better fuck with Odd Future
If you don't fuck with Odd Future, fuck you

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