Mr. shadow - Kali

{Mr. Shadow}
Yeah, hehe
Bow wow wow
Mr. Shadow and my diggidy dawg Droopy
Check it

To all my bald headed criminals breaking the penal codes
Rollin' hella deep, when we creep in them Lo-Lo's
Locos, jotos, cholos and my niggas
Don't be pulling triggers because we all about the figures
Figure than the ocean and we know for brawls
In Southern California where the domes are bawl
And then you can call who you want
But there ain't no stoppin' this
Because I'm coming from the sick
One nina through the mix
It's the Mistah, the one fucking your sister
Humping in your sister, I kissed her after I was in her
Whisper let these bustas know what Beyond is all about
From San Diego to Los Angeles we put it down
We put it out because we the sickest around
The fool just gave me a doubt
And if it was she she'd be down
Its time to money make's the clout
And staying alive and I'm recognized World-Wide
Cause its Diego till I die homey

{Chorus 2x}
If you ain't from the West
Then you best wear a vest
So you get a hole up in your chest
Every body know...that Cali's where it's at
With all the bombs and all the bomb Buddah's at

Fresh out without a doubt
Packed on the scenes, scoping California out
The Southern route, where we bounce, rock, skates
And it pays, see you playing checkmate
On all those who wanna player hate
I be that G representa, so cal centa
All the g's smoking the blunt smoke grinner, the winner
I'll be the lokest when you meet Catey ?
Like the heat, have you fryin' a whole fuckin' sheet in the streets
Bald-headed, baggy clothes, on the 6-4's
Barbecues, drinking 4-0's, tally hoe
You know how it's done in the city
The sun flows control, Mr. Shadow number 1
Here we come, Diego boys, real McCoy's, bring joy
To the women who like sex toys
No choice but to voice my opinion
Gangsters how I'm dealin', like a felon how's I'm feelin


{Mr. Shadow}
I can feel love that you sticked in my brain
I'm feelin' loked, I provoke everyone around me
They're going choked
It's me and my dawg D-are-double-0-P-why
From the S.D. side, rolling in a g ride
In killer Cali, home of vandals and law breakers
3 strike and fellas, big g's and life takers
From the sickest for the pety minded little slangers
We go to Q P to L be then real bangers
?? I suggest that you pack up
You're about to fucked up
So shut your ass up punk
Cause we don't play, we parlay, get laid everyday
Krime Pays in this motherfuckin' state
Straight from the West where the gangsters dwell
But you can meet me at a ?? I got shit for sell
Now go and tell everybody and they momma
Mr. Shadow crazy Droop about the drama


This Low Pro
Mr. Shadow
Bow wow wow

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