Built to spill - Nowhere lullaby

Well the stakes of the game seemed fine
'Till you lost after all this time
Has to make you cry
But you don't and you don't know why

Trying not to solve this
Doesn't mean it's not that bad

And everyone gets through the night
And everyone wakes up all night
And the fear you feel will pass
Then a calmness that will last
We will learn to drift off fast

Another nowhere lullaby
You can rest or you can try
And this waste it shines in every way

You make me laugh every single day
And you hardly make me cry
Made fifteen years fly by
Still here and I don't know why

Has it been that long
Where's the time and the table gone

Hope it's longer than that now
Don't forget we don't know how
And every one gets feeling down
But everybody understands
We're all doing what we can

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