Mobb deep - Black cocaine

Pay attention everything I mentions is a ??
Like how to do with a move
Because the two sit I go by cash rules
Everything around me do movement scratch ??
Started from the bottom bottom ??
Hand in hand until that body win high tech
Keep the legend in the mack bull
The crystal ball it ?? was watchin' the ??
Force seen under ??the mouth
Bet me for ?? overseas the counts
Major asses forgot my address
Got too many of a model believe I can ??
And I'm straight for the project
We just got hot but then we got conscience
But I got a complex I don't ever wanna be a ??
So I'm counting money till my ?? go no

Black black black black black black cocaine
Black black black black black black cocaine
Bla bla bla black black black cocaine
Black black black black black black cocaine

Ask around who's laid up ?? straight up my ??
The most ?? dangerous, rappers on the earth surface
I serve purpose on bullshit when I spit it nigga burn
Like the alien blood in this age of Aquarius
See I'm not here to god do the ?? stages of ages and consciousness
High over life and ?? and my ?? black we kept ??
?? Khalifa swimming jeans like Tarzan and Latifah
Got me hide in son moon stars and ?? and ??? smell
Hoes in your clothes believes in
Close your eyes while I rhyme these lines
This black cocaine lines now picture me in my mind
At the ??survive we well worth the ticket
A dirty new york reality life ?? shit classic life
Biggy ?? refresh like Minaj
Now who you know got the flow time wish
Who write about motor ??cars and diamonds
??just whatever new guns in style
Prodigy the bring me that kid
Word to take the Jesus just baby face genius
This last this so far for eighty seasons
What makes you believe that I would stop now
When the ??more deep to collect to the ground
You crazy I even make that thought get up
Right the dirt off and come again
This is not lock this is hard work dedication and passion
We just a flashin' of pain we endless and never last in
Hey all

[Chorus x2]

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