Chrysolite - In my system

My valium supply has once again run dry
The pressure sinks in for tonight
And i know you want me, and I know you feel it too
I see it in your eyes that you would give up anything
For just another night and so would I

"Welcome to your nightmare", she said
"Oh, you wont be needing your heart"
You lost this boy
And its so hard to embrace the pain
Whilst sitting on your own
In a fucking cold one way street down the coast

Now in lying in the street, poison in my arm
I'm so ashamed, such a disgrace
I'm so glad I missed the spot I was meant to hit
That day
But somebody up there must want me breathing away.

So read the mail, start a rumour, do whatever makes you happy
While I waste away, waste away so desperate.
You were my forbidden pleasure.

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